apithy Plus

The most cutting-edge solution to empower talent with gamification strategies and unleash the excitement of game-driven learning.

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Create immersive game scenarios, fully configurable and customizable, in record time!

Man explores space with augmented reality in an application that incorporates all kinds of games.

Gamify your work experience

Increase your courses engagement with a fully gamified experience where the game exploits learning, stimulating the participation of your collaborators with the fulfillment of missions and objectives.

A woman gains new knowledge by playing roulette mechanics, answering questions, memory, and open worlds of exploration.

Ludify your material and content

Amplify the know-how retention rate of your personnel through serious game mechanics, interactive video stories, time trials, reality simulators, exploration levels, immersive assignments, and much more!

Woman customizes the application on a giant cell phone to incorporate brand elements such as logos and colors.

Customize your app to the fullest

Personalize the application with all your corporate identity elements, configure game mechanics with different types of interaction tailored to your needs and create any sort of challenges, personalized trophies or digital diplomas.

Three collaborators receive stars in a leaderboard for their performance in the gamified content app to train.

Dinamize your learning paths

Build development paths for each collaborator independently, motivate the development of specific skills for each role and reinforce knowledge with the micro-learning latest training trends.

A person looks at her tablet, where a collaborator's learning outcomes appear, such as courses taken and performance.

Identify progress and achievements

Receive performance statistics with learning evidence and promote healthy competition between your co-workers with leader-boards, dynamics for accumulating points and digital rewards unlocking.

Our customers use
apithy Plus to:

mobile training

Instruct teams
with serious games

Fully certify
new skills

Gamify the
onboarding process

Reduce training

Two people have fun taking a training course with gamified content at lunchtime.

With apithy Plus, you will save up to 800% in infrastructure and 81.3% in development time with an autonomous and constantly evolving application.

Source: apithy Study Case applied to 300 people between 18 and 70 years old in the manufacturing sector.

What are the benefits of apithy Plus?

The same screen appears on a cell phone, a computer, and a tablet with the white-label function, which allows customizing the appearance to measure.

White-label product

A cell phone with little internet access receives the transmission of the Learning Experience with low data consumption.

Low data consumption

A thumb with the "Like" sign shows the UX Experience range of the platform, which is adapted to the needs of the User.

Excellence in UX

A cell phone with a cap shows the benefits of digital academies for company training.

Digital academy enabler

Planet earth, with the moon and the sun around it, shows collaborators taking courses at any time of the day.

24X7 Availability

A gear accompanied by different tools that show KPI’s, graphs, and player leaderboards.

Configurable insights